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Millionenstrafe: Nintendos Kampf gegen Filesharing-Piraterie

Million fine: Nintendo’s fight against file sharing theft | News

File sharing sites are very popular among many people. In file sharing, copies of the data are created and published for download, according to the “” website. Files protected by copyright may not be copied and distributed free of charge. The French website “1fichier” is one such site and is run by Dsstorage SAS, which has now lost the legal controversy against video game company Nintendo.

Higher penalty for illegal file sharing

According to the “TorrentFreak” blog, Dsstorage SAS should not remove legally protected content from its own site. As a result, a Paris court ordered the company to pay $ 1.13 million. Nintendo warned the file sharing site several times and asked them to remove various items, but this request was not granted. By 2020, only 0.12 percent of the content had been removed by removal requests. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), an American copyright company, has intervened among its members with Activision Blizzard and the electronic arts. “1fichier” was advised by the court that no legal action was required to remove plagiarized content from online sites. According to an article in “Winfuture”, file hosts and shareholders have been a thorn in the side of companies for many years. Once a site crashes, a new one will appear elsewhere. Installed online services such as “Mega” try to respond quickly to deletion requests to prevent potential legal action.

This is not Nintendo’s first legal battle

According to the online magazine “” the verdict is another important step in the fight against file sharing theft for Nintendo. Under French law, sites can not play for a period of time if warnings occur. Requests should be taken seriously immediately. In June 2021, “TorrentFreak” announced Nintendo’s legal victory over the “RomUniverse” website. It distributed a total of pirated games and had to pay Nintendo $ 2.1 million in damages.

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