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Nintendo ESHOP: August 2021 Games

August Has finally arrived Nintendo iShop It does not let itself be caught Not ready. After GIntriguing topics given to us this summer 2021, Here we are with New products Come. Even if you are one Fan Of Work for the brain, Of Fighting game Or of Shooter, In which Month Get bread for your teeth.

August titles for Nintendo ESHIP are here

Let’s explore what that is together List From Games It will create Nintendo iShop in it August. A good part Titles The question comes out exactly The fifth day Of this Boiling month. Things to watch out for Skateboard, Is expected to In mid-August, It will come Published Rather September 16.

August 5

Falconier Warrior Edition: Completely created by Thomas Salah, this BAFTA appointment will take you to the skies in a vast ocean world.

DreamscaperAn action-adventure rogue who makes Cassidy’s dreams come true, through which you can discover everything about her history and her past and future life.

Doomstay vault: A beautiful puzzle, slightly inspired by Wall-e, you will help a robot to revive the plants of the earth, replacing puzzles with races, illusions and more.

Haven Park: Animal Crossroads, this life simulator takes you to a world surrounded by nature, centered on camping life with cute pets and supported by the indie community.


August 10

Button City: Immerse yourself in the RPG world of mini-games, cute pets and coins everywhere, help a young fox and save your city!

August 17

Craig-Memories of the Assyria: One-page scrolling single player with original animations and beautiful puzzle levels, alternating with platformers.

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No more heroes3

August 24

FlowerA puzzle game with handmade maps, perfect for those looking for a light and sober game on the Nintendo Aesop.

August 27

No more heroes3: Grab your laser katana and get ready to travel the galaxy, for the third time, in this action with Japanese and science fiction.

Baldo-Guardian Owls: Expected from the summer of 2020, this gentle action RPG turns you into a fantastic animator of Baldo.

Baldo: Guardian owls