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Microsoft wants to revolutionize the login process: no more passwords

Microsoft wants to revolutionize the login process: no more passwords

If you want to sign in to an account, you will usually need a password. This is the situation almost everywhere. Microsoft now wants to change it for all its users.

In the future, all users of a Microsoft account will be able to sign in without one Password To use. Rather, wants Microsoft Provide other login options for users. The company writes on its website.

According to Microsoft, the reason for the change is security: “Nobody wants passwords,” says Microsoft. “If they are secure, we will not be able to remember them. If we remember our passwords easily, they are generally insecure and can be hacked.”

Alternative review method

Microsoft points out that there are various technical options for criminals to obtain passwords for user accounts: methods known as brutal attack, for example. Here a program tries all possible strings until the password is corrupted.

Other login methods are designed to protect users from such dangers. Microsoft names alternatively the Microsoft Authentication Application, Windows Hello or USB-based security key.

Instead of a password, users must send a security code Skills Or email it. “Signing in to Outlook, OnDrive, Microsoft Family Security and other applications and services works without a password,” Microsoft wrote on its website.

How to set up a passwordless login

Microsoft recommends that you install the Microsoft Authentication app and connect it to your device. If you want to enable your Microsoft passwordless login, you must first log in to your account. Do the following:

  • In your account, select the option “Advanced security options
  • Below “Additional security options“Choice”Passwordless account
  • Activate the function and follow the on-screen instructions
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If you want to reuse the password for your account, you can re-enable the function in Settings.

The password-free registration for corporate customers was introduced in March and will be available to all private users in the coming weeks.