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Microsoft wants to prevent you from downloading Chrome

Microsoft wants to prevent you from downloading Chrome

You know the ballad: Internet Explorer is only for downloading to Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft wants to be game-changer with its new Chromium-based browser Edge, but we have to admit that the company is not smart. Recently, it blocked some links to third-party applications, which angered users. The software now prompts you not to install Chrome on the download page.

Screenshot: Of Neo.

The window displays one of the following texts:

This browser is 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge.

With Microsoft’s extra confidence, Microsoft Edge works on the same technology as Chrome.

“I hate saving money,” no one said. Microsoft Edge is the best browser for online shopping.

This latest post refers to the controversial new multi-installment payment service launched a few weeks ago. According to On the edge, These pop-ups will now appear on some computers equipped with Windows 10 and 11, and are native plug-ins displayed by the browser.

But the company has other tricks for you to use its services. If you type “Google” in Bing, a search bar will not notice results that prompt you to use the Microsoft search engine. Additionally, as you begin to consider a third-party browser, there will be a plug-in that outlines the features of the Edge.

In its security, Microsoft is not the only company promoting its browser download. Google does this strongly on its sites, but at least provides a button to close the pop-up (which is not on the edge). On MacOS, when you change your default program, Apple repeatedly prompts you to return to Safari. Meanwhile, one wonders how far the Redmond company will go to promote its browser, which is given more than anything by this dubious marketing technique.

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