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Google's first watch is coming next year

Google’s first watch is coming next year

The Business Insider site knows that Google will launch its first attached watch under its own brand next year.

3D Render of Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch 3D Rendering // Source: John Processor & Renderspian

It has been several years since the rumors started following the launch of the Google Pixel Watch. I have to say that if the Mountain View company is in the look of the system Wear OS, It has not started anything yet Attached clock As a builder. That said, it may finally change early next year Business Insider.

The site knows that Google is set to release in 2022 the first paired watch, so far known locally as the Pixel Watch and codenamed Rohan. “Locally known as Rohan, this device will introduce the latest version of Google’s watch system to consumers and partners based on documents viewed by Insider and many current and former employees.”, indique Business Insider.

The US site has some information about the design of Google’s first digital token: “Unlike the Apple Watch, the Google Smartwatch is round and has no artistic rendering-based physical edges derived from the insider and the staff who saw it. Like the Apple device, it measures health and performance data.”. Among these various health measures, we can obviously expect Heart rate monitor, But also count the number of steps during the day. Like most watches running on Wear OS, the Google Pixel Watch requires a daily recharge, which is currently much slower.

The watch was launched under the Google brand, not Fitbit

If Google had waited so long before launching its own attached watch, we might think the company would have been waiting for it. Buying Fitbit Take care of it. It seems that this will not happen in the end, and the Pixel watch will not be released by the brand of watches and bracelets that Google bought earlier this year. Fitbit Wear plans to introduce watches under the OS, but the Pixel Watch will be a Google Watch, not Fitbit.

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At the moment we do not yet know when Google wants to release its attached watch. Two windows open according to previous presentations of the company’s products. During the Google I / O Conference, next May or early September, we may discover the Pixel Watch during the traditional conference by Google.

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