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Microsoft Teams Crash: Chats not available or visible

Microsoft Teams Crash: Chats not available or visible

As Microsoft explains on Twitter and its status page, there have been recurring issues in the collaboration service groups. People around the world are sometimes unable to log in on Tuesday lunch (Central European time), do not write to chats, watch private channels or have other issues, but most of them chat.

First, the pervasive situation did not allow for much decision-making on the cause of failures. In the meantime, everything should run smoothly again. If problems persist, Microsoft will ask you to restart the client. Executives can find out more at the Management Center.

“We are looking at telemetry data and have recently made changes to an issue on the track,” Microsoft writes on Twitter, after a while the cause was discovered. However, what actually happened was that the company did not contact where the error was. The service level side of Microsoft also only claims that teams are active.

However, there have been a number of failures in Microsoft services over the past few weeks, which can be particularly problematic for companies that rely on tool-based communications. Most recently, DNS issues have been blamed for the failure of teams and other Microsoft 365 products. Some time ago, this was an authentication error that many services could no longer access. Microsoft specifically removed the cause automatically in the Azure Active Directory (AAT), which is usually required, but should not be the case.

And competitors were already struggling with issues. Google’s cloud services have also failed several times. However, this includes GMail and is not even available on YouTube.

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