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Pokemon Glowing Pearl / Radioactive Diamond: Loosen the VM

Pokemon Glowing Pearl / Radioactive Diamond: Loosen the VM

Do you have a visual impairment due to the fog in the Pokmon Shining Pearl and the Shining Diamond? Then get yourself a VM!

Disturb yourself in some areas Fog Inside Pokemon glowing pearl and radioactive diamond? With VM Loosen Can you do anything about it!

VM Losing Up is definitely a VM you should not miss, otherwise you will not get it easily when you go into the game world later in the game. So we show you where you can get VM.

Pokémom Radiant Diamond and all about VM relaxation in shining pearls:

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Where can I find the Losing Up VMI at Pokemon Shining Pearl and Shining Diamond?

To get VM Lossing Up in Pokemon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you need to travel to a certain point in the game world.

Once you reach homeburg during the course of the game, you can take part in the Großmoor Safari Zone. You already know the safari zones from other Pokemon games.

Where can I find VM relaxation? To get this VM, all you have to do is join the Safari Zone. Then talk to the NPC with the green hair standing in front of you. You get VM Lossing directly from him.

Once you get it, you can select Attack on your Pokétch and use it to get rid of the annoying fog that makes it hard to see in some way in the game.

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This is especially true for root 210. After making sure there is clear visibility, you can keep track of many items you have missed before.

Talk to NPC with Green Hair to get VM Loosing Up on Pokemon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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