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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Preview of Global Update 6 with Germany

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Preview of Global Update 6 with Germany

From Thilo Bayer
Microsoft and Azobo celebrated the immediate arrival of Global Update 6 for Flight Simulator with a short-sighted flight around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Global Update VI, available from September 7, aims to provide an unprecedented amount of detail to Central Europe around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The video, among other things, shows the Elphilmonia.

Background of news of flight simulator on gamescam according to Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Global Update VI is coming

“With the upcoming World Update VI you will be able to see Germany, Austria and Switzerland in unprecedented detail. Explore new aerial photographs, high resolution maps and many new 3D cities in Germany, including Basel, Cross and Vienna in Switzerland – and the development team of about 100. Has redesigned popular destinations (places of interest or POIs) and several airports such as L லbeck, Stuttgart, Glegenford and Saint-Galen. Available for free download.

Stay tuned for new aerial views, high resolution maps, brand new 3D rendered maps and the historic German aircraft JU-52. You will also get insights into the type of helicopter for the new Volocity Air Taxi and Microsoft Flight Simulator that will appear in November this year. Introducing. With the new partnership of RARA (Renault Air Association) you will experience the famous STIHL National Championship air races live for the first time in a Microsoft flight simulator. How is the competition between you and your friends in the world’s fastest motorsport?

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