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Easter transfers, self-certification required: Download the form in PDF

Easter transfers, self-certification required: Download the form in PDF

Saturday, April 3 to Monday, April 5 Italy will all be in the red zone. So Easter with more restrictions, but there are some exceptions that allow you to move even with some important limitations.

To go to the red zone, self-certification is required (download who format in pdf). The form is always used for any movement, even in one’s own municipality. The completed form certifies that you are moving for reasons of need, work or health, and that you are permitted by “other causes permitted by current regulations or the aforementioned orders, orders and other measures defining measures to prevent the spread of infection”. Refers to transfers delivered on Easter days. Let’s see what.

Transfer to Easter where you can go

It is possible to visit relatives or friends within the region, but only once a day and only once a day. Can move a maximum of 2 people with minors under 14 years of age. You can also reach the airport if you travel abroad. Self-certification required.

Easter in the second houses

Among the exceptions granted on Easter days, the opportunity to go to second homes, but not for everyone. You can go to the home where you live, not just the family unit, by proving you have the title before January 14, 2021, and providing that others do not live there. In this case, self-certification is required.

Stop for second homes in Sicilian municipalities in the Red Zone

However, stop for second homes, in 27 Sicilian municipalities, with specific regional orders, the red zone was established. The orders of the Sicilian region actually exclude any movement inside and outside the red areas, except for reasons such as emergency, health and work. (Read locked Sicilian municipalities here).

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