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Nvidia announces 9 DLSS compatible games, including 6-track tracking

Nvidia announces 9 DLSS compatible games, including 6-track tracking

The company is also regularizing the Battlefield 2042 bundle.

Gamescom announces that in 2021, Nvidia will benefit from six additional games ray tracing and DLSS. Namely: Marvelin Guardians of the Galaxy, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Mist, Sync: Off Planet, Bright Memory: Infinite and Loopmancer. In addition, three more will benefit from DLSS: Civali 2, GRIT and the Faraday protocol. In addition, a bundle for Battlefield 2042 formalizes the company equipped with GeForce RTX for desktops and laptops.

Let’s start with Battlefield Bundle 2042. In June, Nvidia announced that it would Battlefield Official Graphics Partner 2042. DICE Sport Thus supporting Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex. To benefit the latest RTX card buyers, Battlefield 2042 will be shipped for a limited time with select GeForce RTX desktops and laptops. This offer is valid for purchase on a qualified desktop or laptop PC. The latter must include a GeForce RTX 3090, RTX 3080D, RTX3080, RTX3070D or RTX3070 graphics card. The offer starts today and ends on September 14th. Nvidia has set December 14, 2021 as the deadline for code implementation.

Due Ray Tracing Dying Light 2 Stay Human At Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy Nomination

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is on the list of games that follow DLSS and Ray Tracing. Therefore, since its launch on October 26, the PC version will benefit from Radiation Tracking and Nvidia DLSS.

Olivier Brooks, senior producer, Edos-Montreal says: “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy combines the original storytelling and electrification of the single player game with a sophisticated aesthetic. With Ray Tracing and Nvidia DLSS, PC gamers can enjoy scenes of this amazing universe with even greater efficiency..

Diving Light 2 Stay Human will benefit from Nvidia DLSS and Ray Tracing (reflections, global lighting and shadows). It is set to come out next December.

Nvidia reports to Tomas Soskovsky, Director of Rendering at Decland: “Our partnership with Nvidia has allowed us to create a marvelous and visceral experience for Dying Lite 2 cameras. Ray tracing enhances the reality of our ruthless and vulnerable world. You will never lose details as you cross the landscape.”.

Finally, Nvidia, in its press release, also provides definitions on some topics that illustrate the benefits that DLSS has gained. The Mistle in particular, Nvidia will land on August 26 with DLSS and radiation reflections; In GRIT, “A new Battle Royale game based on the Wild West” Early access is expected on September 1st; In the Faraday protocol, launched with DLSS.

You can access all the presentation videos of the above games Nvidia website.