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Microsoft explains itself and changes the minimal configuration

Microsoft explains itself and changes the minimal configuration

Microsoft has gone back (slightly) to the minimal features of Windows 11. Some machines are now compatible.

Windows 11: Microsoft explains and modifies minimum requirements

Since the presentation Windows 11 Minimum properties requested by Microsoft in June 2021 Installing the system is discussed. After Windows 10, after all compatibility, Microsoft has decided to strengthen the game and limit the compatibility of Windows 11 to the latest machines, To the point of dropping most surface products.

The question of reliability and security

In a blog post, Microsoft wanted to better explain the restrictions imposed on Windows 11. According to the company, PCs with Windows 11 have Windows 11 without the required features with 52% more crashes due to errors with the kernel (Windows kernel crash). PCs that follow the recommendations, again, have a 99.8% crash experience, according to Microsoft. Even if 6 engines crashed in the first scene in 2000, 4 engines in 2000 should be checked for percentage, so don’t be shocked.

Microsoft puts forward security arguments that security conditions meet the expectations of experts in organizations such as the NSA or the National Cyber ​​Security Center of the United Kingdom.

Finally, this is one of the most easily verified arguments: the minimum terms of Windows 11 are an expression of the minimum usage conditions of some software provided with systems such as Microsoft Groups. The company ensures full compatibility with its internal applications.

Microsoft is expanding the criteria for a few PCs

Microsoft Promised in July Take a look at the 7th generation Intel processors and the first generation AMD Zen processors to see if some machines can be recovered. I have to say that the company considers a Surface Studio 2 to be inappropriate for a processor over 000 4000.

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The company follows its promise and declares that the following processors are now compatible:

  • Intel Core X Series
  • Intel Zion W-Series
  • Intel Core 7820HQ *

The latter mentions that Microsoft only has a few processor-equipped engines such as Surface Studio 2 that are compatible with Windows 11. The device must actually use drivers in the form of DCH (Declared Hardware). Support applications).

On the other hand, it was discussed in consultation with Microsoft AMD that Zen processors would be excluded from the new system.

A new application to check compatibility

In small parts of the Windows 11 presentation, there was also the PC Health Check processor, the purpose of which is to determine whether the PC is compatible or not. The problem was that Microsoft decided to remove the app from its site, causing panic over the inaccuracy in the messages displayed.

Windows 11: Microsoft explains and modifies minimum requirements

She is coming back now, First to the Windows Insider program, Translated into French with clear texts. It can be shown especially if it is Required to implement TPM 2.0 You can install Windows 11 on your computer.