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Microsoft and Duracell - Nerdu 4. Xbox Wireless Controller for Battery for Life

Microsoft and Duracell – Nerdu 4. Xbox Wireless Controller for Battery for Life

In a recent interview, Duracell UK Marketing Manager Luke Anderson revealed why I Controller Wireless D Xbox Still working Heap AA: Microsoft and the company known for long-lasting batteries, in fact, have a long-term contract, which prevents gametes Xbox Series X / S Keep them rechargeable batteries for a long time to come.

Since 2005, all Xbox packs have two AA duracell batteries that will power your gamepad. Despite other competing companies like Sony and Nintendo, it has decided to back down Rechargeable batteries To be added to your devices and recharged with simple USB cables.

Both companies, on the other hand, have decided to pursue their companies without hesitation Collaboration: On the one hand Microsoft includes duracell batteries in its products, on the other hand Bethel uses Xbox controllers in its advertising campaigns to finance the life of its batteries.

Interview MCV An Xbox manager backed his company’s choice: “We deliberately give to the user Freedom of choice How to Enable Our Xbox Wireless Controller. People can use any brand of AA batteries, use rechargeable batteries from Xbox or its associates, or use a USB-C cable directly to connect the controller to the console or PC.“.

It has a rechargeable battery within the Xbox Elite Series 2 and does not require AA batteries.

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