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Microsoft allows you to completely remove your account password

Microsoft allows you to completely remove your account password

You can completely remove your password to access your Microsoft account and all services provided by Redmond. The idea is to clear the weak link in the protection of your personal data.

Microsoft Password

Microsoft Licensing // Source: Frontroid

Outlook, OneDrive All of Microsoft’s services and applications worldwide today taste an interesting novelty: users can completely remove their passwords. Ambition? Strengthen security, yes.

Hackers do not log into our networks, they log in with our passwords.Says Brett Arsanold, IT Security Manager at Microsoft. In other words – and perhaps negatively – he believes passwords are a weaker link than today’s security.

Password = less security

In this regard, you can access your account by identifying yourself if you choose to delete this Microsoft password Hello Windows (Fingerprint reader or facial recognition), Microsoft authentication, security key or verification code obtained via SMS or email.

To use this security feature, you must first make sure it is properly installed Microsoft Accreditation And linked the app to your account. Next, You must sign in to your account And go Advanced security options > Extra security And then click To implement At will Passwordless account.

This is the same place where you can reset your password if you change your mind. However, Microsoft firmly believes in the future without a password. The company believes the latter is needed. “A lot of effort to memorize»,Make us an easy target“, During their administration”Is a waste of timeUsers want to remove it.

Also remember that you can call A password manager For better protection.