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Battlefield 2042 may be postponed to 2022 | Xbox One

Release Battlefield 2042 Scheduled for October 22nd. But according to some rumors, the DICE game may soon be postponed to reaction.

Is Battlefield 2042 still planned for 2021?

It all started with journalist Jeff Grupp, who announced that the postponement period was not over and that a new postponement would be announced this week for a game that did not seem trivial. And according to some sources, that may be fine Battlefield 2042.

The YouTube dealer said today that Battlefield 2042 is said to be postponed until the end of next year. Journalist Nick Baker replied, “I heard the same thing.”

For his part, Tom Henderson, with information that has been largely reasonable in recent months, suggests that the postponement may eventually be a few weeks, probably not several months. According to him, the game may be released later this year.

If this rumor is true we can imagine that DICE needs more time to polish their baby, but they may also face business obstacles in starting the game. Consumption at the end of November is at the same time obligatory and more or less at risk of being released after the call Hollow is infinite ? Or rather, should we take advantage of a few months delays to arrive in early 2022 with less competition in this key spot?

We need to know very soon, but in the meantime Battlefield 2042 Beta Still expected at the end of the month.