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Microids announces that Flashback 2 is in development

Microids announces that Flashback 2 is in development

Microids who have already noticed bringing this classic to modern platforms Flashback 25th Anniversary, Supported by the original game designer Paul Quixote. So Paul Cusset Conrad b. Hart oversees the team responsible for the development, which always promises to be an action / stage game played. Developed by Dolphin Software, Flashback Its time was marked by the quality of its graphics and especially its animations, but even in the sci-fi scenario with cinematic accents, the protagonist in the brown jacket searched for his memories and found himself evolving at various stages in the background of the alien plot.

We are thrilled to continue to bring fans to this masterpiece in French video game history. At Microites, we try to come up with projects that showcase the talents of the talented. Paul Cusset is an internationally renowned French developer. We are proud to work hand in hand with him and his team on this project.Said Stephen Langard, CEO of Microites.

Creating a sequel to Flashback is an idea I have had for a very long time. Conrad P., who imagined it almost 30 years ago I can’t wait for the players to discover Hart’s new adventures. With Microids, our real goal is to keep fans of the original game happy and to attract the attention of new players with a soft spot for future games.“, Paul Cussett adds, also known as Darkstone And Moto racers But its contemporary works (Amy, Flashback HD, Item 13) Spirits are not marked much.

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