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FDI Siojia Viva - Download La Vos de Roviko

FDI Siojia Viva – Download La Vos de Roviko

The Italian brothers attack the Siokiaviva list, represented by Marcelina Secondin and Leonardo Ranieri on the council: “He did nothing for the city, he saved the administration”. In a stern statement, the center-right party is actually “expelling” the former mayoral candidate and councilor Ranieri: “Five years ago, Marcelina secon received 21.96% of the vote, of which 7.84% went to Siojia Viva, with about 1,892 votes. In total, about 5,000 citizens believed in the plan. How many of our voters would have imagined that voting for Siojia Viva would have redeemed the center left? Where there is respect for center-right voters, Of the candidates on the four lists, especially those who allowed the Siogia Viva-Lista Fuchsia candidates, thanks to the request, to select the candidate for mayor and the only councilor on the civic list? “.

The press release certainly does not go on to soften the tone: “It was more of a cynical list than a civic list, at least in the intentions of its leading exponents. One drowning with years of disability? All this is not done for the benefit of the shop, of course there is no justice, at least listening to the election platform is a pulse of political dignity. Want to collect junk food from the majority of the bench? We resign and apply again. For stability. To honor “. The most serious attack that suggests stopping the coalition in view of the next elections. What will Xiaojiva do now? Will she end her political experience after five years, will she find other alliances or will she run alone?

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