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The Chinese rocket that brought the space station into orbit is crashing uncontrollably

The Chinese rocket that brought the space station into orbit is crashing uncontrollably

The China Creates monumental improvements onSpace exploration Compensates for delays with respect to powers such as the United States and Russia. An example Song-5 Mission Lunar soil samples to Earth or Tianwen-1 Mars, But all is not yet correct, and it seems that the East is of the least concern. An example Chinese Long Gear 5B Rocket It recently sent the first batch New space station.

They will still be Many startups Before it is completed in 2022 (another ten), but the problems shift to other launches made in the past. The position of the Chinese rocket is actually in an uncontrollable fall on Earth and the possibility of some part reaching the ground is not completely ruled out.

Chinese rocket and Chinese experience, looking to the future

For other Western space agencies (or private companies), they need to bring a stadium back Rocket, Because they are irretrievable, are intended to burn them in the atmosphere and release them into the sea from all islands and cities. Unfortunately China Contains recent prototypes of similar situations: Tiangong-1 in 2018 and Tiangong-2 in 2019.

Long march

Where the ground falls Chinese rocket It is still difficult to predict accurately, because even if the path is known, it is not known when the atmosphere will decompose it (it means 20 tons). Elevation decreases rapidly from 326 km on May 3 to 320 km, 310 km on May 4, then 300 km is detected A few hours ago.

Long march

Of course, it is still possible Rocket Much of the atmosphere can burn up and the rest fall into the ocean, but that does not exclude the fact that they can also hit areas on land. The uncertainty of the situation does not allow to take the most effective countermeasures.

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The progress of Chinese space research does not seem to take these issues into account, although some solutions may come in the future. For example In the following years The Long March 8 and Long March 9 rockets will come and be reusable. Private Chinese companies are also trying to build reusable rockets. They will take a long time to really take effect, until then only a concerted international intervention can alleviate this problem.