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Micro Center apologizes for insulting AMD graphics cards

Micro Center apologizes for insulting AMD graphics cards

What kind of nonsense is that ?! In a post explaining how to choose a graphics card, Micro Center said that AMD products should “act as if they require periodic changes or maintenance” and that Nvidia products should “plug and play”. The CEO of the Micro Center later apologized.

Choosing one team over another was reasonable, but the micro-center not only favored Nvidia, but also lied about the quality of AMD graphics cards.

The attack part of the .file is here OriginalPetrock, Indestructible Tweet-Formular.

AMD graphics cards are very affordable, but they may require some regular modifications or maintenance to function as intended. Nvidia graphics cards, on the other hand, work just like video game consoles and are essentially plug-in and policy-based.

The ease of use and stability of Nvidia GPUs makes it a very popular choice among gamers and streamers. Nvidia cards also support Ray Tracing and DLSS, which work together to deliver the highest quality graphics to gamers without sacrificing frame rates.

AMD graphics cards are as easy to use as Nvidia cards. They both need the same amount Driver Equal maintenance and benefit from repair and cleaning every one to two years. Both are used as socket wrenches (screw tight!) And play. Nvidia cards have an advantage Retracing and DLSS, Keep AMD cards Similar features, Rick Mershad, President and CEO of the Micro Center His apology.

Misinformation about AMD graphics cards was accidentally posted on our website.

This was posted without checking the information properly and we apologize for the error. AMD graphics cards offer superior performance, including Ray Tracing and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and easy installation without maintenance beyond standard driver updates for maximum display performance.

He promised to keep a close eye on micro center posts. Searching for graphics cards on the Micro Center website reveals a reasonable mix of AMD and Nvidia, all of which are more expensive and unavailable.

We know this post was written without permission by a lone Nvidia fan. Last but not least, the bad grammar of the post indicates that it was not reviewed by any senior person.

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