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Discharge of stones and ice: The youth is taken to the hospital by helicopter

Discharge of stones and ice: The youth is taken to the hospital by helicopter

Editorial Board
June 27, 2021 at 9:46 p.m.

Two young men in Brasenella were thrown out by stones and ice, and they arrived at the hospital on Sunday morning, June 27th. The call to New (single emergency number) 112 came from two climbers at 6.30am and was realized despite being injured.

A consortium of two climbers, Citte della Five (Fiji) since 1988 and two from Venice since 1993, were rescued at an altitude of about 3,100 meters above sea level on the northern face of Sima Prasanella. During the ice path, mixed ejection, the rock and ice were dragged down to a distance of about thirty meters, until they stopped at the bottom creek.

The co-ordinator of the West Trentino Operations Area in the Alpine and Spological Recovery Area has requested the intervention of a helicopter and has activated a station for the ability of vermicilio. The helicopter climbed to the top and loaded the helicopter rescue technician on the spot. After assessing the health conditions in agreement with the doctor, and considering the risk of further evacuation, the two climbers were quickly rescued with the winch by helicopter and transferred to Santa Sierra Hospital in Trento for interrogation. The intervention of the operators of the Vermicellio station was not required, and the pitch and the Denza refuge were ready if needed.