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Metroid Fear: Employees will not be credited due to insufficient working hours

Metroid Fear: Employees will not be credited due to insufficient working hours

Roberto Megias, 3D artist, Wrote on LinkedIn on October 12th : “I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Metroid Trade team for publishing such an exceptional title. I was not surprised by his quality, the team had such talent. Although it does not appear in the credits of the game, I can attest to it knowing that I was part of this team for eight months.“.
So an isolated case: Tanya Benaranda, 3D animator is now in Pendulo, It also confirmed that his name had disappeared from the creditsAlthough she worked on the game between November 2019 and May 2020, she revisited many of her own animations in the final production. At least two sources insisting on being anonymous confirmed their concerns, one of which slipped into the fact that this type of practice is common.

Mercurystream Studio, which was contacted by Vandal, responded with a spokesman’s voice, saying the situation was similar to an internal policy: a person who worked less than 25% of its total development time on a game would not appear. According to sedimentary sources, growth Metroid Fear Lasts three to four years. So MercurySteam would have wiped out the contributions of less than a quarter of the developers from the slates this season.

Beyond the unacceptable nature of practice – “Even if I stay 1% or 25% of the growth time, you should credit me if I participate“, A source emphasizes – Roberto Megias speculates that the withdrawal of his name may be linked to his departure. Metroid Fear.

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