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Meta has developed its own AI to create images, but its purpose will be very different from DALL-E.

Meta has developed its own AI to create images, but its purpose will be very different from DALL-E.

DALL-E is definitely the most popular artificial intelligence at the moment. Everyone likes to create their own works of art by inserting a few words. The possibilities are limitless with this AI, and Meta seems to have already figured it out. truly, They decide to make their own: go make-a-show.

As he got used to his social networks, Meta was “inspired” by the emerging technology to start his own project. However, it seems The company has other ideas in mind. According to their press release, this tool will help you design the most immersive worlds in the Metaverse and create digital art even if you have no skills.

Also, unlike DALL-E, With Make-A-Scene Sketch you can help design scenes. That is, in addition to providing text input, it will give you a window where you can specify the location and size of composition elements. The latter is not complicated, as it is a very simple sketch that guides the final result.

Make-a-scene captures the scene’s layout to enable detailed input sketches. If desired, the designer can also create his own design with text-only instructions. The model focuses on learning key features of images that are most important to the creator, such as objects or animals.

Meta’s new AI and its differences with DALL-E

With its new AI, Meta doesn’t plan to achieve the optics we’ve already seen in technologies like the DALL-E 2. In fact, says the company on the website His pictures are fully aimed at giving a very artistic feel. Almost as if they were hand painted. A good idea when standing out from the competition.

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Meta wants everyone to be an artist. This is An attempt to democratize art Unlike ever before. Even if you don’t have the “talent” or the techniques, with just a few words and a sketch, you can create a piece of work you’ll be proud of.

According to AI artist Sofia Crespo, “As a visual artist, Sometimes you can create a combination Based on the hand, draw a story that the eye can follow, and it does just that. »

Make-a-scene, also, Provides images with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels. That’s no small feat, especially compared to the DALL-E mini’s monstrous mess. Of course, this Meta AI does not match the portable version of OpenAI’s technology.

When can you try Make-A-Scene?

You’ve seen what Make-A-Scene is capable of, now it’s time to figure out how to use it. For now, it seems AI is in closed testing phase What does that mean? That means only those invited by Meta can use it.
Until public testing or artificial intelligence officially begins, No one else can use it without the company’s permission. However, while Meta is not a saint for our devotion, we must say that this AI provides an interesting glimpse into the future of these technologies.
Not just for the idea of ​​helping end the metaverse. But also for the ability it gives everyone to communicate. More graphic and fast sketches for big architectural or audiovisual ideas, a More effective communication among people with disabilities and their families or healthcare professionals. The possibilities are endless, they already are.

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