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OnePlus 10 Pro: a new flagship device

OnePlus 10 Pro: a new flagship device


The OnePlus 10 Pro is officially available in China. The new Fluoron prend on the reliance on the OnePlus 9 Pro and amliore grande with part photo signature Hasselblad. Un smartphone’s nririvera chez we have printemps and qui fait diablement envie.

The OnePlus 10 Pro, the newest amiral du fabricant chinois, is the official. This is a surprise for the person who comptees ten of these indiscretions in the Fitz Lobjet Ces Derniers mois.

This module succide naturelle au OnePlus 9 Pro, reputation une bonne partie des caractéristiques qui on fait la force et singularity du fleuron 2021. Mais forkment, in qujquets ajouts. Men Comprehensive application for Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with the highest quality SoC de Qualcomm. Il this is couplé 12 Go mmoire live LPDDR5 and jusquà 256 Go de stock in UFS 3.1

L’Entreprise will continue to offer a database of Amoled QHD + of 6.7 bags. LAfficheur LTPO offers a tax-free adaptive power of 120 Hz (l’cran oscille entre 1 and 120 Hz this year). The OnePlus indigenous word that’s cran is the premier é bionifier’s dual calibration threshold, which means so luminosite, the gross is a ‘double tonnage’. É la clé, des teintes naturelou t tt cir circonstances, which we are manicur ps pass verifier with our sondes lorsque our receipts app.

The smartphone embarks on a battery of 5 000 mAh, with 4 500 mAh which is very easy to use. Ill binary, en outre, dune charge SuperVOOC à 80 W en filaire and W 50 W sans-fil. Cellon builds, fires pleasant energy and prefers 32 minutes with block charge and 47 minutes with charge Qi.

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Partenariat with Hasselblad va plus loin

Los du CES 2022 de Las Vegas, OnePlus has database amliorations apportise à son logicel photo, develop conjointement with l’treprise sudoise Hasselblad. The OnePlus 10 Pro is the most capable capture images in raw 12 bits on three modules. Quant au travel logic, offering off coolers more naturals and justes, is a new solution baptismal One Billion Colors. In this video, the video modifier modifies certain paradigms like balancing blanks or ISO pending quotes on train film.

Man la maniere d’Apple et des iPhone 13 Pro, OnePlus has developed the “styles” photographs for his own world. Your name is Trois, and you’ve been reading Yin Chao, ambassador to Hasselblad, but also Ben Thomas et David Peskens, gagnants concert photo Hasselblad Masters. Serenity conviendra mieux aux portraits, emarald aux clichés de passages or dnimaux. Quant à Radiance, in the case of a coté hyperréaliste à vos images. Sur le papier, lidee semble sduisante. If you leave a comment, you will not receive a comment.

Intressons-we presently have three modules in the OnePlus 10 Pro. The principal is a grand-angle of 48 megapixels, the Famous Sony IMX789 is one of the most sought after files on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. The ultra grand-angle is 50 megapixels, with a four-angle view of à 150 ° and an authentic cliché fisheye. Enfin, the tilobjectif, associates a caption of 8 megapixels, offering a zoom optical x3,3. It’s the stabilizer’s optical, like the grand-angle.

© OnePlus.

Unserve the smartphone service to download at China

I’ll follow the PPO’s patience in the main on the OnePlus 10 Pro, the smartphone’s at the moment’s reserve in China. Les ventes damarreront 13 janvier prochain. The availability in France is to attend printemps. The mobile is live for your Android 12, with ColorOS 12.1 on Asie. Chez nous, lininterface OxygenOS fera foi, with version 12.