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Gran Turismo : une Intelligence Artificielle bat le record de Lewis Hamilton

Artificial intelligence has beaten Lewis Hamilton’s record

Lewis Hamilton, the best F1 driver in active life, still needs to improve his performance in the virtual world. An AI proved it to him.

Artificial intelligence It is becoming more and more successful. Every day, he pushes his limits a little more with always stunning performances. It makes us imagine that one day it will overtake man. Although it is established in reality, man is often attacked when faced with it in the virtual world. And Lewis Hamilton It has become a victim.

Lewis Hamilton challenges an extreme Grand Turismo circuit

He is a master of circuits and An undisputed champion of his sport In the everyday world, Lewis Hamilton still has a lot to do before he can declare himself champion. Grand Tourismo. A few days ago, the British pilot launched a challenge Sony Grand Turismo Video Game. 7 times champion Formula 1 A certain lap performance is achieved PS4 video gameEspecially on that day Nürburgring Nordschleife With the Sauber Mercedes C9. With the driving simulator, Hamilton set a record time 5’40″622.

Nurburgring's Nordschleife

Very much GamerHamilton’s challenge was formidable. A Tough round Many gamers have already faced it without success. However, one of his friends managed to do better. Igor FragaFormula 3 driver and gamer, well done 5’26″682. Unfortunately, this post didn’t last long. Sophie knocks him away !

Sophie, Sony’s AI outperforms Hamilton

There are already many examples of AIs beating humans in sports. Sophie is now included in this comprehensive list.

Sophia A Artificial Intelligence developed by Sony and the studio behind Gran Turismo, Sony Interactive and Polyphony Digital. According to Sony AI COO Michael Spranger, Sony is an AI agent that has learned to drive on its own at a high level. can be challenged The best pilots in the world. But while waiting to prove it, Sophie has achieved a feat 5’22″975 On the North Ring of the Nürburgring.

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This is scheduled to appear in Artificial Intelligence Next game updates. Sophie can appear there as a teacher, friend or even colleague who teaches players to drive.