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Uomini e Donne Maurizio G

Men and women, Marricio G. Gemma Calcani Download: Reason for Selection

The new disappointment for Gemma Calcani in the February 18 episode of “Men and Women” is that after the end of her relationship with Mauricio Kursi, Lady Turin is forced to collect “two shovels” by Maricio Gi. Her lawyers.

In today’s episode, Thursday, February 18, of “Men and Women”, Popular dating show Channel 5 Hosted by Maria de Philippi A new disappointment is coming to Lady Turin Gamma Kalkani The case of the throne.

Here is what happened. After a bad experience with Marricio chair, Experience ended badly, Kalkani has opened up to new shooters. Paradoxically two “new” Marricio. Venetian poet and Lombard expert. But the story is already closed when the game in the first case is all played out in the second case.

After a few days of reflection with controversy and speculation, the official certification of the exam took place in today’s chapter. Maricio G and Gemma They agreed, with some fervent humor and unexpressed sadness, not to continue the introduction.

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The underlying causes are not really clear. It’s a flaw and an unexplained I like but can’t. The truth is that even after the Kursi affair, Maricio G, Keemma Calcani still seems to be “puppet”, while it is not yet clear what kind of meetings he wants to deepen.

The same Maria Toma, Marricio G. ‘S other lawyer at the time, did not find him involved or particularly concerned about his person. A unique situation, but from today onwards there is at least one certainty: the friendship between Gemma Calcani and Maricio G is over.

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