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Call of Duty: Was the Black Ops Cold War named after a new "full-scale zombie experience" eruption?

Call of Duty: Was the Black Ops Cold War named after a new “full-scale zombie experience” eruption?

Between the countryside, the Multiplayer, Mode Zombies, Warson And Mode Carnage Zombies In PlayStation, Players Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War There is nothing boring, especially when Raven software And Troyarch Be sure to give them extra free content. This will happen again next week The Season 2, Teasing By a dynamic Picking up the characters Warson An organization unknown to the battalion in a jungle hostile to the Golden Triangle near Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

However, this context should not be the only surprise in the next update. According to several sources, the official website Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The promotional note was soon released “Explosion, a new large-scale zombies experience”, Before disappearing.

It also confirms the statementsInternal Okami13, Which sparked a fashion arrival last week The spread of serious disease, Quoting it, it will lead Cooperative parties confronting mutants Extended version of FirebaseIt takes place as a reminder in the suburbs of Vietnam, so not far from Laos.

If everything is true, the official site is ready to update with this information, it is becauseImplementation All of these should be officially introduced very soon. Until then Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War There is Available for 59.99

Update : A teaser The hashtag #zombies Broadcast by Troyarch, Overview of this mode The spread of serious disease ?

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