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Mega-drive-controller for Nintendo Switch with 6 buttons only available in Japan •

Mega-drive-controller for Nintendo Switch with 6 buttons only available in Japan •

A mega drive controller with 6 buttons per switch is only offered by Nintendo in Japan.

The N64 and Mega Drive games are coming soon to the Nintendo Switch onlineThe company confirmed this week. They come with two newer, wireless N64 and mega-drive controllers for Nintendo’s current console.

Players in Japan even get the popular six-button version of the mega-drive controller, while everyone in the world can tap into it.

Fitted for street fighters

Street Fighter 2: The mega-drive controller with six buttons appeared in 1993 for the launch of the Special Champion edition and was eventually supported by more than 60 games.

The controller is popular all over the world, but the switch version is still reserved for Japan. Everything else gets the original three-button variant of the mega-drive controller.

In the rest of the world there are only three buttons.

History repeats itself

It was similar to the Mega Drive Mini from Sega in 2019, where the six-button controller version was also blocked from players in the West.

The two controllers cost 49.99 euros each and offer a very realistic gaming experience with the Classics. The new games are part of a new, more expensive subscription option for the Nintendo Switch Online that launches in October.

Meanwhile, with the N64 appearing to be playing in Europe, fans are worried about another problem There are only 50 Hz versions.

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