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Central ownership blames municipal offices

Central ownership blames municipal offices

Of the 46,000 euros in non-balance sheet loans approved by the prefecture commissioner in Civita Castellana, there is an open conflict between the minority and the municipal administration.

FDI, Lega and FII from the municipal building. .

It began with the cancellation of a contract that had been successfully challenged before Viterbo Court. “Again, they said – the center has created a script with many flaws on the left. .We also remind you that auditors are required by law to approve a balance sheet loan to the court and that this is not just a matter of dubious nature or ambiguous circumstances. It is a good idea to read the texts before they speak. ‘

On the other hand, the secretariats of Pd and Rifondazione landed on the battlefield.

“This story – says Alessandro Massoli of the Democrats – shows the total inability to manage this administration and the worst sense of responsibility of the center during the period it ruled the city.

“Pinardi and Abadi de Refontagion – have an attitude – are incompetent by the administration, which signifies total apathy and criminal neglect of public affairs and citizens.”

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