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McLee / "Green Boss, the government is holding citizens accountable. Trust? It's unworthy."

McLee / “Green Boss, the government is holding citizens accountable. Trust? It’s unworthy.”

“A solution has been found that, like everything that has happened since the beginning of the epidemic, punishes and holds citizens accountable and at risk. This is a very bad thing.”: Net status Maria Giovanna McGee On Green bass And what has been allowed by the government to cope with the increase in Govt infection.

Speaking to the El Aria Che Thra Estate, the journalist explained: “You have to show a green pass valid for 48 hours and a negative wipe, which is unfortunate 7-8 times wrong is a pity. Then many people, stand in line with these checks for no, deny this rule. , Attacks entrepreneurs, imposes fines on schools and causes inconvenience to families because it includes vaccinations for those under 30, who should be exempted..

Maria Giovanna McLee: “Agreement with Casieri-Agampan”

“My criticism goes to the whole government. League? Lega is a liberal party, it reflects the liberal element of this government.”, Explained Maria Giovanna McGee, Shortly after he crushed the job of health minister: “Roberto Speranza, I consider him unworthy of everything and his entourage.”. Green Boss on duty, Maria Giovanna McGee Pointed out to share Thought of Kachiyari and Agampen: Duty for school staff is excessive because 85-90% of teachers are already vaccinated. I think this is dangerous: in modern and contemporary history, some actions have always been taken in the guise of an emergency and then. I agree with Cacciari and Agamben: these are measures to seize freedom. In the case of teachers, they don’t really need to. ‘

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