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McDonald's was not allowed to snatch the anniversary controllers

McDonald’s was not allowed to snatch the anniversary controllers

From Oliver Hunter
To mark the 50th anniversary of the fast food chain McDonald’s in Australia, they wanted to offer a raffle of 50 dualSense controllers designed specifically for the PlayStation 5. The company should step back as Sony did not approve this action in advance.

A major setback for McDonald’s: the fast food team was not allowed to offer its dual-sensor controllers to fans with the logo, matching colors and fries and burgers in a special design for the PlayStation 5. For McDonald’s 50th anniversary in Australia, Streaming Week was to be organized, which will be used to deliver 50 dualSense controllers to interested fans. They only had to see a few streams. In the meantime, however, the fast food company spoke out and postponed the streaming event as a result:

“Unfortunately, McDonald’s streaming week has been postponed and will not go live this Sunday. We are currently unable to confirm a new date for the scheduled event. We will be in touch once confirmation. “

Sony controller does not allow raffles

However, not only has the streaming week been postponed, the raffle for the dualSense controller has been completely canceled. Apparently, McDonald’s did not short circuit with the Sony PlayStation, about whether they are allowed to raffle for specially designed controllers:

“Sony does not allow the use of their controller in advertising materials related to the scheduled streaming week of the PlayStation. We apologize for any inconvenience. McDonald’s streaming week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation controllers will not be a part of us.”

It is unclear what will eventually happen to the dualSense controllers in McDonald’s design. There may be an agreement between Sony and fast food companies in the future because regulators and collectors would certainly be happy to call such a model their own.

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