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Green Boss: Duty triggered.  All the rules, how it works, how to download, when, who to use

Green Boss: Duty triggered. All the rules, how it works, how to download, when, who to use

Tomorrow, Friday, August 6, Green Pass is coming into effect This forces citizens to submit a green certificate To perform various functions. He is the Green Boss To be displayed By all citizens Age over 12 years. Exemption is available for those with appropriate medical certification.

Get the Green Pass First Who is vaccinated: Who finished Two cycles There will be a green pass with Valid for nine months Since the date of the last administration. Even those who get it can get the Green Pass First dose Vaccine but in this case it will be Valid until the next dose is given. In addition, even those who do one The negative result is molecular wiping: In this case it is valid 48 ore. Finally, whoever he is will get the Green Pass Recovered from the temple In the previous six months.

In the white and yellow area Green pass must be issued If you want to go Restaurante, Al Bar, In Pub, In Indoor Pastry Shops and Ice Cream Parlors e Sit at the table.

It may not be necessary For those who consume Outdoors And for Drinks over the counter. I Hotel customers Those who want to access the convenience of restaurants and bars within the home They do not have to use Green Pass.

Sarah Mandatory Perform and visualize it Indoor sports activity. The list of functions includes the following: Swimming Pools, Swimming Centers, Gyms, Team Games, Wellness Centers.

There will also be Green Pass Mandatory For many leisure activities such as The shows are open to the public, MuseumsOrganizations and cultural venues, Exhibitions, Festivals and Exhibitions, Conferences and Conferences, Spas, Theme Parks And fun, Cultural centers, community centers And recreational activities, limited to indoor activities, Game Rooms, Racing rooms, Bingo halls and casinos

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Certification by verification is required For interested parties showing Relative QR In order Digital or paper. L ‘App VerificaC19 Can be downloaded on both Android and iOS Read the code, It extracts information and Continues with check Qualified electronic stamp.

L App Use the rules to verify that the certificate is valid Show As a diagram for verification Is true validity Certificate and its holder’s name, surname and date of birth.

Interested partyAt the request of the examiner, reveals its own Identity Card Valid for the purpose of verifying the letter of personal data with the documents displayed in the application.

Verifiable operators Certificate I. Public officials, Employees are assigned to control services for entertainment and to show business in public places or public institutions Owners of accommodation facilities And the gods General exercises For the necessary access to hold the Green Pass, the Owner Or Proper holder Venues or premises where events and activities take place with green certificate obligation, viz Facility Managers Who provide health services.

For whom Violates the rules Oh Does not carry out experiments One is expected A fine of 400 to 1000 euros At the expense of the merchant and the user. If violations recur on 3 different days, Exercise risks Closes for 1 to 10 days.

For School, As decided in today’s Cabinet, from the beginning of the school year All staff must prove that they have been vaccinated Either recovered or had a wipe with a negative result. Green Boss too University faculty and students. Teachers who refuse the vaccine Allowed. Failure to comply with the rules will be considered Lack of unreasonableness And, with effect From the fifth day of absence, The The employment relationship was terminated No salary or other compensation pending.

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The government further stated that “To ensure the value of the school as a community in 2021-2022 and to protect the sphere of students’ social and psychological vulnerability, All lessons are conducted individually“. Installing textMandatory mask (Except those under 6 years of age). Regions and municipalities can close schools and take lessons Dad is only an “exception” Risk of “exceptional” eruptions or “particularly high” in “specific areas of the territory or private entities”, “exclusively in the red or orange zone”.

To I Long distance transport (Ships and boats, trains other than Messina Strait – Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed-, flights and over two-lane buses) From September 1st. Duty to issue green certificate to buses used for rental service with driver. Green Boss It will not be mandatory For buses and subways Local public transport And for regional trains.

Finally the Forty For those who have completed the vaccination cycle, it will last longer if it comes in contact with the positive Govt Seven days Instead of ten.