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Malware for Q1 2021 (...)

Malware for Q1 2021 (…)

Emode, Trickbot or Pure: This report describes the malware campaigns detected in the first quarter of 2021. It is available online. Summary of what he said.

Published by Infoblox Publisher a New report Describing Cyber ​​threats were detected in the first quarter of 2021. It contains original research and information on campaigns attempting to distribute numerous malicious software programs, as well as a comprehensive analysis of these and recent major attacks on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

The versatility and subtlety of the threats identified at the beginning of the year demonstrates the importance of having accurate intelligence to help companies Strengthen cyber security And mitigate risks.


From Malware detected in 2021 Appears:

- Valeria Trojan Drops Emode

- Snake Keylogger

- Italian emotid

- Buyer Loader Trojan

- Rurat Trojan

- Bazaar Strike

- Warezov Worm

- Tridex Bank Trojan

- Hancitter Downloader

- Trickboat loader

- Burkina Trojan.


Infoblox’s Cyber ​​Intelligence Unit has analyzed these campaigns and identified several trends, including:

- The Continuous integration and deployment pipelines (CI / CD) Solar winds can be used to send malicious code as a reliable code, as demonstrated by the attack.

- Hackers continue to rely on email As well as in social engineering, often using the theme of the COVID-19 crisis

- The Plates-forms ransomware-as a service, Easy to use, act as a tool for malicious actors without technical skills

Download the report

To Download the report (In English) Appointment of “Infoblox Cyber ​​Street Intelligence” for the first quarter of 2021 In this link. The download is free after registering online.

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