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Weekend Console Download Deals for November 13: First Week of the Next Generation

Weekend Console Download Deals for November 13: First Week of the Next Generation

Weekend console download deals feature is in an interesting place because now we have new consoles. However, not everyone buys these things in the first week. Heck, some pre-ordered and Still Not on hand yet. Fortunately, there are still a lot of things to do from the PS4 and Xbox One. One big thing that fits backwards more than ever, and there is no reason not to pick up some of these great games.

PlayStation celebrates even better indices, while Planet of Discount sales are still active. They have also added a new range of games under the Blood 20 sale, which includes some first-class games, including a complete bloodline collection. Meanwhile, Xbox offers the best from Bandai Namco, including the recently released project CARS 3.

Don’t feel bad if you are not on the next gen train yet. There are so many more games!

Here is a selection of this weekend’s console deals:

Xbox One

The following games are part of the Xbox One games with Gold / Deals with Gold. Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to avail this discount.

The following deals are available to all Xbox One users. Xbox Live Gold members may be eligible for an additional discount.

PlayStation 4

The following agreements are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.

  • Captain Subasa: Rise of new champions – $ 35.99 (40% off)
  • Captain Subasa: Rise of the new Champions Deluxe Edition – $ 59.49 (30% discount)
  • PlayStation Indies
  • The planet of discounts
  • Under 20 games for sale
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The following deals are only available to PlayStation Plus members.

Nintendo Switch

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