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The memoir of the "disaster woman" that hit the web sold for nearly half a million dollars at auction

The memoir of the “disaster woman” that hit the web sold for nearly half a million dollars at auction

The granddaughter of the now 21-year-old famous “disaster woman” monument sold her photo at auction for almost 000 500,000 on NFT. – Get to know your memories

All internet users have already seen his little Machiavellian smile On social networksJoe Roth, now 21-year-old granddaughter of the famous “disaster girl” monument, has sold more than 5,000 495,000 of her photographs
en NFT (Non-fungal tokens), during the auction.

According to the site Know your memory, Snapshot taken in 2005, when Joe Roth was 4 years old. His family had gone with him to see the firefighters put out
Fire Deliberately triggered in Maybone, North Carolina (United States). Her father Dave Roth then took a picture of his daughter in front of the burning house, almost with a Machiavellian smile.

The clich of the “baptized woman of disaster” was later picked up by the online media, and is subject to many diversions today. One of the memes Very common on social networks.

The photo was sold in NFT format

More than ten years after its publication, the photo has been auctioned off as NFT (Non-fungal token),
Non-fungal and fraud-based tokens are breaking around the world From a few weeks. If Joe Roth had retained the copyright to his monument because of the certificate of authenticity stored in the blockchain, the sale would have allowed 180 ether pockets,
A cryptocurrency, Worth nearly half a million dollars.

He asked Raleigh News & Viewer, Joe Roth explained that he planned to share the money with his family but donate it to non-profit organizations.

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