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Names and symbols should be very serious

Names and symbols should be very serious

Free, Best Use or “Top”: Users promise something, but often don’t keep it, it’s everyday life in many app stores. Full body pledges or false names are valid and cheap for many providers, the main thing is that their use is established as often as possible. You can count on more search hits and listings in the Play Store in the future, Google has new rules for Android app names and logos Announced. They need to become clearer and more understandable and should come into effect for app developers in the second half of 2021.

The logo and name of the application should not contain any information about future download quality

Anyone who does not wish to be expelled from the Play Store with their application as a provider may or may not be accepted and should note the following in the future: No Information, Name, Logo, Developer Name There is no information on whether the download rankings or application can be free. Additionally, usernames must not exceed 30 characters in length. Direct requests and sales campaigns such as “Download Now” or “Update Now” should be prohibited in this context. This also applies to the application and emojis in the developer’s name or in

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