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Make the demo available on your Nintendo EShop

Make the demo available on your Nintendo EShop

After landing on the Nintendo 3DS for the first time, tested the original formula with Nintendo’s beautiful Mii avatars, Myth Nintendo is preparing to launch the Switch from May 21st. With its introduction pending, players can test the title with a demo that can be downloaded from the Nintendo Eshop Digital Store.

In Myth, Players can embark on a fun customizable adventure, adding their friends, family or whatever they choose. With the free demo, fans can discover the key features of the video game, starting with its basic feature: Miis creation and customization.

Myth In fact, it gives the opportunity to create new characters, so they wear glamorous wicks, colorful hairstyles and all kinds of makeup. Miis can be easily shared with friends using a passcode, so they can use it to expand another copy of the game even in different roles. In Myth, In fact, each character in the group leaving the adventure will have a specific character, from the most classic to the most unusual: anyone who does not want to brand a sword or stick can fight with a pop-like microphone. Star or shake a bowl against enemies in the role of a cook. Others may want to be a cat.

Each member of the group will have different characteristics: Depending on the personality of each, the actions in battle may be different. A caring clergyman can protect other Mi characters in the party, but may also want to save enemies, while the stubborn scientist may attack twice or refuse to help. This team can count on the help of the trusted steed, who will assist in battle and assist the soldiers by attacking the horse.

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Another key feature of the game is the relationships between Miis, which can be deepened and developed while the players stay at the Island Hotel. Myth, Between one fight and another. Team members can be placed in the same rooms so that their friendship develops naturally, but there are also many entertainment venues to explore together to deepen friendships such as coffee or cinema.