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EShop top-ups and Nintendo Switch online subscriptions on Amazon

EShop top-ups and Nintendo Switch online subscriptions on Amazon

Amazon also sells video games, consoles and controllers, refills and gift cards Nintendo iShop, As well as subscriptions Nintendo Switch Online.

If you like digital games or regularly buy plug-ins, DLC, apps and indie games, Top Nintendo iShop top-up rates are available on Amazon:

Minutes after purchase, Amazon will send you a code to top up your account (or send it as a gift top up). The code for purchasing games and plug-ins for these consoles is valid. And Nintendo 2DS XL.

You can also buy it on AmazonThe Nintendo Switch online, Allows Nintendo Switch games to be played compatibly online, has access to a selection of classic games for the NES and SNES, often integrated with new online features, and takes advantage of exclusive offers to purchase backup storage data, games and DLC for most games. Use the Nintendo Switch online smartphone app to communicate with friends via voice chat and use special features for compatible Nintendo Switch titles.

Nintendo Switch Online You can buy it on Amazon 7.99 euros with a 3 month period, 19.99 euros with a 12 month period Oh 34.99 Family size 12 months It allows access to 8 different devices.

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