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Majus Studio is said to be ready to create a new Famicom Detective Club

Majus Studio is said to be ready to create a new Famicom Detective Club

Surprise from last month, Nintendo Two of their visual novel archives, published only in Japan 30 years ago, were offered to us for the first time in the West, and we talk about the games in the series Famicom Detective Club. For the first time, Nintendo was able to detect this game through Switch remakes Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir And Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Behind Created by both Mages, Studio specializing in visual novels (Steins; Kate, Memories of, Fight Party, etc.). We were frustrated to find the only English translation of the game, but that doesn’t stop these two topics from being good games, you can see our test This article Even the VODs of our game streams on our channel Web light.

We are very happy to see this lost license coming back from the dead Nintendo. However, that doesn’t help us see if this is a respectable comeback before putting the license back to sleep for the next 30 years. Nintendo There is a different view on the matter.

If the puzzle on the side is complete Nintendo, Japanese magazine Famitsu will confirm that this is the studio in the last pages Mages Ready to come to the new Famicom Detective Club. We leave you below the comments made by Asada Makoto, one of the producers of the Switch remake

“Our goal for this project is to make it the best it can be in terms of 2D text-adventure games. To do this we initially used technological processes aimed at other projects. Thanks to Nintendo and their team we were able to make the best game we could, but I’m not going too far, I ‘m just wondering how we’re going to do so much good again.

A call from Mages. The question is whether this is a real call or something that is already on the cards when we talk about it. What is certain is that it will benefit both actors. Studio Majes can enhance its reputation by benefiting from a second partnership Nintendo, This is not any company in the video game world. When Nintendo One of the pillars of the genre in Japan is that you can benefit from having a new text adventure game “without fail” from the license they created and created. To be continued.

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