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Defenders of the Galaxy Coming to the Nintendo Switch (more)

Defenders of the Galaxy Coming to the Nintendo Switch (more)

This was a real surprise, during the last E3, during the Nintendo Direct. In fact, Disney, the Guardians of the Galaxy, which was released before the Big N conference, will land on the switch console. Unfortunately, this is a cloud gaming version, a process that attracts gamers working on this hardware …

Defenders of the galaxy to raise the level?

Can the defenders of the galaxy raise the very minimum level proposed by Marvel’s Avengers? We hope so! Anyway, the first trailer (Video here) Starlard, Hamora, Groot or Rocket played softly gave at least a quality insight based on the “Kitch” soundtrack. That means the special sound environment of James Cunning’s films should be respected. Let’s take a look at Nintendo’s official news release.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Edition: Strap in Star-Lord’s Jet Boots and embark on a stunning journey through the galaxy in this third person action / adventure game, the new example of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy. Accompanied by unpredictable guards, they explode each other more than the next, meet newcomers and iconic Marvel characters, all of which are involved in the fate of the galaxy. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud version available on October 26th Nintendo Click.

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