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macOS 11.3 is finally available, please update to the newest one

macOS 11.3 is finally available, please update to the newest one

macOS 11.3, now available in its final version, may not be loaded with new featuresiOS 14.5, But this new version of Magos Big Surin is not worth the diversion. Small overview.

Beyond the usual fixes, MacOS 11.3 brings a number of new features that enhance Safari, Notes or Apple Music. Players are not even forgotten! The final version of MacOS 11.3 is counted as 20E232, which is identical Release the candidate From Last week.

Safari: New customization options

Safari version 14 opens a new start page that can change its wallpaper, giving the browser a little air of an operating system. macOS 11.3 This brings up a small refinement: the types that appear on the homepage can now be rearranged.

The set of extensions should allow developers who want to design new types. We’ve never seen anything like this before, maybe Apple may have dropped this idea along the way, but we’ll take a closer look at it anyway.

Notes: Sorting and printing jobs

The Reminder app welcomes two new features to its area, which is actively anticipated by millions of weeping users: ordering tasks and printing a to-do list. Everything will be fine for anyone who knows what to expect, all of which are finally available with MacOS 11.3.

Finally, support for home bot stereo pairs

While the iPhone or iPad has no problem dealing with Home Bots stereo pairs, the MacOS has lost them until now. Admittedly it is always possible to stream on two pairs of home bots through iTunes or Music Audio Publishing system, but not at the computer level. macOS 11.3 corrects this injustice! Selecting a stereo pair in the control center has actually become possible.

Under MacOS 11.2 // Under macOS 11.3.

Apple Music: Infinite Background

Still in terms of music but at this point in Apple Music, subscribers to the streaming service are now entitled to unlimited reading, which is encrusted with a red badge with an infinite logo on the icon. As follows, In the upper right of the music app. This function adds tracks one after the other to create an endless stream of music inspired by the tracks already in the playlist.

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Safari: Support T WebM

Back to Safari, we thought Apple had wiped out something with a long-awaited return. Like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge, Apple’s browser can now display video content in WebM format.

Support for PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers

Compatible with the new controllers for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the MacOS 11.3 makes life easier for Mac M1 users who enjoy mobile games. Big Sur update The controller follows the controls For iOS games running on Mac. The keyboard and mouse or trackpad can recreate the behavior of a controller, which can be found in gaming options.

Additionally, iOS app support on the M1 Mac constantly improves with options for patch alternatives and handles notifications and Bluetooth access more clearly.

Recharges the battery before the meeting

Battery Recharge Management is refined by a brilliant system in Magos 11.3, which allows you to recharge the laptop battery before an appointment on the calendar.

Clear warranty information

This update updates not only iOS devices but also the MacOS 11.3 window to clarify the status of their coverage Service Of the group About your Mac. Details of the warranty or, where applicable, details of the Apple Care + can be found. All links to start repair or assistance.

macOS 11.3: Release Notes

Magos adds support for Big Sur 11.3 AirTake, including improvements to the iPhone and iPad apps for the Mac with the Apple chip, and introduces skin color variations for emoji with the pair.

Airtake and find

  • Airtake support for tracking and locating my key findings, your key items such as keys, wallet, backpack and more, Discover my application
  • Find My Network, with hundreds of millions of devices, will help you find it even if your airtake is not nearby.
  • Lost mode will notify you if your airtake is detected and you can enter a contact phone number
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IPhone and iPad apps on the Mac with the Apple chip

  • Option to change the window size of the iPhone and iPad app
  • Support for displaying full resolution of the best resolution version of the iPhone or iPad app
  • Keyboard support for iPhone and iPod games designed to use device tilt
  • Keyboard, mouse and trackpad support for iPhone and iPod games that support gamepads


  • Support for different skin tones for each person in all variations of kissing pair emoji and pairing with heart emoji
  • Girl with new face emoji, heart emoji, beard emoji

Apple Music

  • Autoplay causes music to play continuously, automatically starting a similar song when you reach the end of a song or playlist
  • City rankings show that it is popular in more than 100 cities in the world rankings


  • The podcast pages have been redesigned to start listening
  • The option to save and download chapters automatically adds them to your library for quick access
  • Download behavior and notification settings can be customized for each podcast
  • Popular search rankings and types help you discover new podcasts


  • The order of the sections on the start page can now be customized
  • Additional WebExtensions APIs allow developers to provide extensions that change the new tab page
  • The WebSpeak API allows developers to incorporate speech recognition into their web pages for title, command, and real-time voice navigation.
  • Support for WebM and Vorbis video and audio formats


  • Possibility to deploy smart list today
  • Support for syncing the list of reminders in the lists on all your devices
  • Possibility to print your reminder lists
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  • Xbox Series X | Support for S and Sony PS5 DualSense ™ Wireless Controllers

Mac with Apple Chip

  • Sleep management

About this Mac

  • About this Mac will show you Apple Warranty status and Apple Care + Coverage in the Service tab when you sign in with your Apple ID
  • Apple Care + purchase and subscription support to qualify for Mac from this Mac

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Reminders generated via Sri can be accidentally set early in the morning
  • The iCloud Keychain may not be turned off
  • After the phone call, the airports will return the audio to the wrong device
  • Auto Switch Airboats notifications may be missing or duplicated
  • 4K external monitors do not show full resolution when connected via USB-C
  • The login window will not display properly after restarting the Mac Mini (M1, 2020).
  • The hold feature on the access keyboard does not work

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices and may require an Apple ID. For more information about this update, please visit: For more information on the security content of Apple’s software updates, visit the following page: