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iOS 14.5 is available, its key new features here

iOS 14.5 is available, its key new features here

Eight betas and here it is பிறகு After a few months of testing, the wait that never seemed to end is finally available in the final version for all users of iDevices compatible with iOS (and iPodos) 14.5.

A major update that not only provides security fixes, as iOS’s latest iterations have done. While waiting for the first beta for June and for iOS and iPados 15, Apple continues to offer users the new features and functionality promised by WWDC 2020 first and foremost.

Here are the top five new features that will make your life easier, smile or give you a little more peace of mind online.

Privacy and ATT

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations of iOS 14.5, but can also be very clever on a daily basis. TheApplication tracking transparency (ATT), the new site where developers need to ask your permission to monitor you in applications and online is finally available.

It was supposed to be launched late last year, but Tim Cook’s crews have decided to postpone launching the site in order to give developers more time. There is no doubt that various regulatory systems and competition, especially those led by a concerned Facebook, can produce their products, positions and reactions.

Either way, you can now make it clear that you do not want to be tracked … or only a select few applications.

Sree gets the post

Unfortunately, as in the United States, France does not have the right to new votes. It is therefore necessary to continue with the current offer. However, from now on, Apple’s personal assistant will no longer be a woman by default. You will choose between Voice 1 and Voice 2, depending on what you like.

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Additionally, the personal assistant is now able to announce incoming calls just as it did to messages. This will let you know who is trying to access you and give you the option to accept or reject the call. Siri can start a call with multiple recipients (via FaceTime) or with a group of users from the news. Finally, if something goes wrong, you can now ask Srivastava to call your emergency contact.

New emojis, because never enough …

There will also be a new arrival of emojis with iOS 14.5. We will not list them all, but we will refer to the emoji with the twisted eyes that make you dizzy, burning love or bearded woman.

Apple Couple has introduced hundreds of skin colors for emojis. Of course, Android users who send you one of these emojis will get it right, and Google OS will show its own emojis – remember the advanced discussions about where the cheese is in a burger or where a glass of beer foam is. …

Apple Watch has recovered Face ID to unlock your iPhone

As iOS 14.5 beta testers already know, this functionality is life-changing in these times of epidemics, where there is a mask accessory and not so much an accessory. Apparently, with the mask covering a good part of your face, Face ID could not identify you, so you should spend your day entering your code.

To soften things up, Apple called for a watch recovery. Apple Watch owners can unlock their iPhone even when wearing a mask. For this your iPhone and watch should be very close to each other. In your hands, for example.

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Of course, for security reasons, Apple engineers have provided some protection. First, you need to open your iPhone a few times a day with Face ID (or passcode) to prove that you are a legitimate user. Then, if your watch (hence you, a Priory) moves too far away from your iPhone, it will be locked and unlocked (or code, always) with Face ID. Additionally, the watch allows you to lock your iPhone remotely.

Haptic feedback gives you a successful identification, such as when you use an Apple smartwatch to activate your iPhone and use it to authenticate yourself on your Mac.

Podcasts and reminders, redesigned interface

Finally, the latest important news is that the podcast app is enjoying a little mask. The content is further put forward, with a play / pass button centered under the cover of the episode, allowing you to easily pick up the space you left.

Additionally, a tab allows you to find later saved chapters and where they were downloaded. The good news is that your account will be synced across all activated devices.

Podcast Search has also been revised to make it more visual and accessible.

Finally, the Reminders app finds gains in the process of slightly modifying its interface, especially for sorting reminders.