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New game improvements with Appendix 1.2

New game improvements with Appendix 1.2

Cyberbank Development Studio CD Project details the planned upgrades for Red Cyberbank 2077 in its upcoming Patch 1.2. NoticeWritten as a news broadcast in the universe, the details of the planned game improvements, such as preventing police from getting out of nowhere if you commit a crime, advanced vehicle handling and a preventive approach, you should accidentally get into oncoming traffic

Although the game has received a lot of criticism since its inception for being full of bugs and glitches – and in some ways unfinished – it seems like the developers are usually trying to fix some of the issues cited.

CDPR hopes to improve the driving experience by turning the steering wheel, and by adding a feature your car will automatically remove it if it ‘gets stuck’ against an obstacle or other object. While advanced steering should help, other driving issues to look out for before driving (such as collision detection) are a lot of fun in the game.

The connection was originally supposed to be out in February, but was delayed when the studio fell victim to a ransomware attack. CDPR is now targeting him Will be released “in the second half of March”.

It is now about three months Cyberpunk 2077 Removed from the PlayStation Store due to numerous bugs (and it’s almost unplayable on a basic PlayStation 4). So far, Sony and CDPR have not commented on when the game will return to the stage. So it is not clear whether this link is adequate.

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