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MacBook Pro 2021 : de quels ports d

MacBook Pro 2021: Which expansion ports do you need?

Analyst Ming-Chi Guo says the next generation MacBook Pro could bring a new assortment of expansion space. Which of these sockets, which are not present in current machines, does Apple consider to be the most practical in the end? Unfortunately, the analyst says nothing about this, but he does mention that there is an option to prevent customers from using adapters properly.

Joshua Chai (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Apple has a long history with adapters and this does not come from the standardization of its laptops around USB-C (Apple will still make manufacturers Small multi-functional centers2).

Adapters were provided in 2013 when the MacBook Pro was purchased

As for these next laptops, Mark Kurman Bloomberg Don’t say anything Specifically, it only confirms the return of a MagSafe charging port.

But, which outlets do you badly need today? On the most spacious 2019 MacBook Pro 16 “to accommodate expansion space, Apple sticks with four Thunderbolt ports and an audio jack.