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Microsoft Windows 10X: Mixed first impressions

Scheduled for this spring 2021, the latest remake of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 10X, which is capable of running cloud applications on mobile devices, is expected in turn. Raise the curtain in its first functions.

Windows 10X is already “boring” – not yet officially released. This is, in any case, the opinion of our colleague IDG NS, which is no doubt simple and straightforward, and does not associate itself with the charm and humor of the “traditional” Microsoft OS. Last year, we can say that Windows 10X seemed to be the revival of Windows 10S. We would like to say that Windows 10X has been redesigned graphically, but with a variety of features it really is not. However, Microsoft has not changed much, except to consider Windows 10X as the future of dual-screen terminals.

So the big adjustment is that Windows 10X is now designed for single screen PCs. The leaked version, 20279, can only run under one of Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual machines at the moment. When a virtual machine allows the operating system to be isolated or sandboxed, the transaction speed is removed from the rest of the operating system. As you might expect from a beta running from this type of environment, Windows 10X runs very slowly on a virtual machine from a Surface Laptop 3. Note that you cannot download and install Windows 10X on your own. The operating system entry level is expected to be pre-installed on PCs, most of which are designed for education or business.

Start with Windows 10X

Simplicity begins with the installation experience. No Cortana here comes with you, which is really no less. The OS then opens with a brief preview of the Windows logo before opening.

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Windows 10X allows you to choose whether the PC will be used at home or in the office. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

Windows 10X makes every effort to let you know what data it collects and allows you to choose from a variety of privacy options, such as allowing targeted ads. At least in this version, there do not seem to be regular hang-ups when Windows checks for future updates. Once you have selected your privacy settings, Windows 10X will open on the main screen.

Windows 10X

Some privacy options allowed by Windows 10X. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

Major Windows 10X user interface

Still not familiar with Windows 10X? The interface is a little eye-catching at first.

Windows 10X

Default view for Windows 10X: Search above, applications in the middle and documents below. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

The Start menu does not come out from the bottom left corner as it does in Windows. The start appears as a monochromatic icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. When clicked, it reveals an “app drawer” that looks like what you see on a Chromebook. No burst of colorful dynamic tiles.

Windows X10

Not all applications are displayed by default in the main menu of Windows 10X. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

Windows 10 X has the basics in its drawer hiding applications: Settings, Calculator, Tasks, News, Weather, Photos and many more. There are no apps (OnDrive) you might expect, but there are apps you might not expect to find (Groove Music turned off a long time ago, for example). A youthful mistake? Edge is the default browser (and apparently the only one), although extensions and favorites will happily sync with the user’s cloud account.

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Windows 10X

It is not uncommon to encounter this type of screen multiple times until applications are downloaded. One circumstance may have contributed to Hyper-V knowing that this was only a first version. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

When clicking on an app like Weather, the delay in downloading the app update is too long. Will this kind of update be required when the final version of Windows 10X is finally released? To check. Surprisingly, it also seems to limit the number of apps that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Candy Crush Soda is downloaded from the Saga store, but the 7 zip app seemed to disappear after trying to upload and install.

Windows 10X

Work view in Windows 10X. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

A large search box appears at the top of the interface on the home screen to assist the user. Entering a word reveals results even when web and store and local documents are available.

Windows 10X

Windows 10X Search Box and its results. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

Apps can be mounted on one side of the screen or run in full screen mode. For now, Windows 10 X does not have the sophisticated four-cornered “snap” display offered by Windows 10. Microsoft had a working view of Windows to browse applications by clicking on the smaller version of the icon or by typing the familiar Alt + Tab command.

Windows 10X

Snap works on Windows 10X, but only for two applications. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

Likewise, Windows 10X systems have the feel of a menu, but there are a limited number of options for virtual hardware and operating systems. Windows 10X, on the other hand, leaves the Action Center in the lower right corner intact. Other options are likely to be available once Windows 10X is installed on the soon-to-be-released terminal models, presumably in the spring of 2021.

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Windows 10X

The Windows 10X Action Center is the smallest considering the overall tone of the operating system. (Credit: Mark Hushman / IDG NS)

To answer the last question: Does Windows 10S offer the Windows 10X update? Nothing is less certain. Microsoft seems to have removed this option because it is a very simplified Windows. Once Microsoft decides to launch it, further challenges will be disabled.