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Looks like the Nintendo DS

Looks like the Nintendo DS

Of course, the Nintendo DS has a built-in microphone for a variety of gaming dynamics – long before Sony developed such a feature on the PlayStation 5’s dualSense wireless controller. But did you know that there was even a “pocket voice recorder” that was very similar to Nintendo’s handset? The Panbresto Voice Recorder is available in three colors: silver, turquoise and pink. Activities were controlled via the A, B, X and Y buttons, for example, to record and play back several minutes of audio, which was taken by the “Nintendo 3DS Sound” application, which came after the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, the device can do no more.

In the YouTube video of The Retro Future, you can see that this device is slightly smaller than the Nintendo DS. Nevertheless, the dictation machine at first glance seems confusing with the handheld game console.

Do you already know the officially licensed “fake DS” or are you seeing it for the first time? Do you think the sensible use for such a device, in your opinion should it be like a game console?

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