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Nintendo Switch surpasses Nintendo 3DS sales!

Nintendo Switch surpasses Nintendo 3DS sales!

Real Steam does not seem to be slowing down its sales growth, surpassing the new member of its family in terms of Nintendo Switch sales.

If we generally wait for Nintendo’s reports, we will provide you with confirmed global hardware sales statistics VG Cards Nintendo Switch informs us through the year-end sales appraisal of the new level reached for the family consoles.

Thus the Christmas week from 21st to 26th December 2020 would have estimated the global number The Nintendo Switch sold 1,159,994Thus, these consoles are the best selling in the world these weeks.

So these sales are included in the overall total The Nintendo Switch has sold 76,285,948 units since the console was released in March 2017.

Thus the console surpasses the overall sales of its smaller big sister Nintendo 3DS (as well as its newer, XL and 2DS variants combined).

The next level in the Nintendo family needs to be reached With a total sales of 81.5 million, Kamboi Advance is far from over. So the 5 million Nintendo Switch has to go “only”.
Overall for consoles, the first PSP to reach the next level would be 80 million.

Here is a small focus on the overall sales of all consoles discontinued on December 26:

Global Sales Week (December 21 to 26, 2020) (Wholesale):

  1. Switch – 1,159,994 (76,285,948)
  2. PlayStation 5 – 287,921 (4,480,728)
  3. Xbox Series X | S – 158,458 (2,401,386)
  4. PlayStation 4 – 139,859 (114,965,268)
  5. Xbox One – 68,995 (49,340,630)
  6. Nintendo 3DS – 3,261 (75,906,986)