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Nico drops the air glow controller for the switch

Nico drops the air glow controller for the switch

Nico is still back Another External-course for the switch, it is a controller: air glow. But, unlike a typical controller, it has a transparent shell that allows you to see all the interiors of the controller. On top of that, as the name implies, the controller unleashes multiple color sequences of LEDs.

Design-wise, the The glow of the wind Looks similar to Pro Pro controller and Xbox controllers, uses the same boomerang-like design with offset analog sticks. However, what you can avoid is a programmable turbo button that you like.

Some third-party controllers have abandoned all rumble operations in order to cut costs. Wind glow on the other hand happens with two-feature dual rumble motors, which “have 2 interchangeable systems that provide real-time feedback.” It seems to be an HD rumble alternative, but it’s better to have it here than not at all.

The weak point of this whole package is that it is a wire controller rather than a wireless one. If you have someone about having 1 delay as much as possible in your gaming experience, this should not be a problem. But, if your system sits too far away from the TV, this can be a problem. But, the wire is a big 10 feet, so if you choose to go this bed way you will get little permission.

The downside is that Nico’s Air Shine is made of wire, so it’s very cheap. It only costs you $ 34, which is much lower than the official Switch Pro controller or a pair of Switch Joy-cons. That price may seem like an introductory sale, but the actual MSRP is only $ 39.99 – even cheaper compared to first-party offerings. Also, depending on what kind of gamer you are, is this controller compatible with PC and PS3 for some reason? So, if you own any of these sites, you better go.

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