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LoL: Vaiko’s Skills Revealed – New Jungler

Last Friday, Riot Game released the 2021 season at a major live streaming event on its own number of games. Teamfight tactics, with the exception of Legends of Ranetora and Wild Rift, were certainly focused on League of Legends. One of the revelations for the upcoming season is the upcoming champion Waiko, The Rain King. The fallen king must act as a jungler in Moba.

There were very short game scenes on Friday, which was followed on Monday by the official release of the skills he uses in the summons. You can use them yourself from Appendix 11.2. In this post we will introduce you to all of Vaiko’s capabilities ranging from passive to Ultimate.

Waiko, The Ruined King – Alley Skills

Passive – Dominance of sovereignty

Vaiko’s passive ability is called “the domination of the ruler.” This allows him to temporarily keep the enemy players at bay. He heals himself for a part of his maximum life and gains the same items, attacks and abilities (except the final) as this champion.

In addition, he can send his own Ultimate “Heartbreaker” once for free. In addition, Vaiko’s running speed increases as the opponent moves towards the champions.

Q – The Blade of the Ruined King

“Inverted King’s Blade” has a passive and active effect. Passively, Vaikos “Q” allows its attacks to cause additional damage when it hits a percentage of the target’s current life. If he has already hit the opponent with a skill, this attack is carried out twice. The second blow strains life, triggers the consequences of success and can hit critically. This is passive when he captures another champion.

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Vaigo pushes forward aggressively with his sword, causing damage to all the enemies it attacks.

W – Spectral Ma

Vaiko’s “W” translates to “spectral veil”, and after a short charging phase, it leaps forward and explodes into fog. Thus the attacked enemies are stunned and damaged. The stun period and range of fog increases with recharge time, but the damage and jump range are always constant.

E – Harrow Path

Vaiko can operate on the “path of grief” “E”. This ensures that a black fog wave rises around the adjacent wall. While Waiko is in it, he gains “camouflage” property and attack and operating speed.

R – Heartbreaker

The ultimate and ultimate ability is called the heart breaker. This is the case even when the opponent captures the champion. Through the app, he leaves corpses and communicates with himself on the phone with a very low percentage of life in order to attack enemies. Based on the lack of life, the Ultimate causes additional damage, thus acting as an “activator”. Other enemies in the effect area are repelled.

About the League of Legends

Lol – Moba 2 next to Tota 2 Millions of players worldwide are fighting every day in the League of Legends. The title of Developer Riot Games has been an integral part of the global sports scene for many years. Leagues such as the LEC and the LCS or the annual World Championships offer enormous prize money and are organized under the most professional conditions.

Most recently, the DA-CH region was given a new, competitive league format with the Prime League, which is considered to be the strongest national competition ever in its first season.