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Is Arthur's voice actor part of RDR2?  -

Is Arthur’s voice actor part of RDR2? –

We know that Sony has many video game programs in the pipeline for PlayStation 5 (but PlayStation 4, in various cases). Well known but at the same time mysterious topic God of War 2 Ragnarok (Unofficial name, remember yourself). Sony has confirmed the growth of the PlayStation and has even indicated 2021 as the release date, but nothing has been confirmed. Now, however, some believe that this sequel is included Voice actor and actor Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption 2 (or RDR2, if you prefer).

Let’s talk about Roger Clark, who has provided the voice for Arthur Morgan and also provided his face through motion capture sessions. Because it is believed to exist Deed Between sport and man? First, Clark shared a post on his Instagram profile from Santa Monica who is currently looking for staff. In addition, Clark publicly praised the performance of Judge Christopher, who accepted the role of Kratos. Finally, the voice actor of RDR2 Cory has spoken with Barlock several times, Proves to be in good terms.

These three facts may or may not be completely disconnected, which is difficult to say at this time. One thing is for sure: God of War 2 Ragnarak must accommodate the new Norse gods Who will stand between Kratos and his new goal. Names in danger are many, but of course fans believe that Thor has to do something (that hammer leaves no big doubt) and with Odin.

The Father of the Gods may be a little too much for the second chapter (what will be the third?). Either way, these new deities need quality voice actors Clark’s voice would be the best choice For them.

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We hope to find out soon about God of War 2 Ragnarok (by any means, not just voice acting). Finally, we point out that David Jaffen’s God of War 2 is not just PS5, but cross – gen.