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Outsiders: pre-download, availability time and demo feedback | Xbox One

Outsiders: pre-download, availability time and demo feedback | Xbox One

With less than a week to go before the launch of the Outdiders available on the Xbox Game Pass console, People Can Fly provides some details that will be of interest to DPS enthusiasts.

Pre-download and game availability time

Even if you are impatient to play outdoors and you are worried that you will not be able to enjoy it on T-Day due to your speed and rest assured, you can download it on Xbox within a few hours. Depending on the start time of the game, it will be available in your country from April 1st at midnight.

Comment from demo

Already available for a few days, you can download the demo of the game, which allows you to keep your storage when you start the final version of the game and additionally take your first steps. So the developer is using this text Discuss the changes that will be allowed to be made in the final version of these demo writers

Changes following the demo

  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Adjustments and balances: items, methods, stats, robbery.
  • The shortcut is no longer in beta and will run by default. Adding players from other sites you played during the demo will make you wait for future updates.
  • Added a “quick marker” feature to your inventory to highlight items according to their rarity in one or two clicks rather than marking them individually.
  • Improvement of cover system.
  • Rapid travel group improved voting system.
  • Additional information on weapons mods.

Patch Day One and post-release follow-up

As with many games, Adroiders will provide a patch on launch day. It fixes bugs, improves performance, or configures the cutouts on the Xbox One with 30 fps and the Xbox Series X | 60 fps in s.

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Future updates will improve the gaming experience by fixing bugs and making improvements based on player feedback, but also by improving loading times on the Xbox One and PS4.

Collecting famous items

During the demo, players lost famous items due to bugs. From today, it is guaranteed that the famous items that went missing before March 22 will be restored. However, it is about weapons.

Outliers will be available on the Xbox Game Pass console from April 1st. Why not support this initiative for this AAA of third party developers?