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Isola 2021, the team also drops Gilles Rocca, but he does not retire

Isola 2021, the team also drops Gilles Rocca, but he does not retire

Recent News fromFamous 2021 Island. Today’s episode of the Channel 5 reality show opens with a group of superheroes asking questions about themselvesGilles Rocca’s Attitude. First Francesca Lotto, sorry Gilles will no longer look on one shoulder, a man leaning. On the other hand, the attitudes of Ubalto and Valentina Persia are different because they are not sure if they want to support Gilles in this way. Upaldo pointed out that there was no point in isolating himself and that if he was busy he would have fun, not think, and not change his attitude. He made it clear in his words that now Gilles is not even useful to the team, so if he really does not want to stay on the island it should be time to retire.

Valentina Persia is of the same opinion. The comedian comments without hiding behind a finger that another loneliness of Gilles Rocca makes no sense and that if he feels bad he wants to raise his hand and go home and not wait for the end of the audience. Meanwhile, a disgruntled Gilles continued to pray in front of his girlfriend Miriam’s holy card, while others wondered what all this meant. Gilles fell ill again and went to another island by boat for a medical examination.

A group of superheroes unleashes Gilles Rocca

They almost felt like they were lifting a loadEmanuela Titoccia commented on the scene seen the previous evening with Matteo Diamondo. Ditocia was the first to point out that Gilles should have retired last Thursday, but what did not reject him was the group’s attitude toward those who were rejected.

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I’m back, now I’m fine, glad to be greeted by so many with affection, I try to goGilles said who showed a good smile for the event. Valentina Persia, who commented with these words, did not laugh at who she was: “My hair was in front of my eyes when I saw the boat coming, and when I realized that Gilles was back, they pulled it down. “.

What will be the fate of Gilles? We will only find out tonight.